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Matthias Dammann – Doubletop 1990


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Product Description

Matthias Dammann is an extraordinary German luthier, precursor and pioneer of the double-top guitars. He always led a lot of researches, studying the sound of guitars from the past, such as Antonio de Torres’ ones, and patenting his own innovations. He brought a lot of very positive changes in the guitar conception of the end of the twentieth century. His wooden “sandwich double-tops” and later his nomex double-tops are incredibly light. They give the guitar an immediate response, outstanding volume and blissful playability. The guitarists’ reaction to Matthias Dammann’s guitars was immediate and performers such as David Russell, Manuel Barrueco, the Beijin Guitar Duo, etc. have been playing and recording on them for a long time.
This particular guitar has a wooden double-top, composed of two very thinly worked spruce layers, linked together by inner transversal wooden struts. The top is unbelievably light and free to vibrate. The presence of a wooden core confers to the guitar a full, rich and wide sound. The back and sides are made of CITES-certified Brazilian rosewood. This guitar numbered 34 is hand signed twice on the top’s inner-part by Matthias Dammann. It is a 652 mm scale, a rare feature from this Dammann epoch in which he was generally building his double tops with a longer scale. It is in perfect playing condition and sounds gorgeous. The guitar has no cracks and only a small mark on the top’s left upper bout. The tuners are high quality Rodgers tuners and a hard-shell case is included. The ultimate performing guitar for sound lovers, a real part of the guitar history.

Luthier: Matthias Dammann
Construction year: 1990
Top: Cedar
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood
Scale: 652 mm
Nut: 53 mm

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