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John Ray – Torres 2017


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Native of Canada, John Ray came to Granada in 1989 to learn the art of guitar making. He had the chance to learn a lot from the local luthiers, especially from the German guitar builder Rolf Eichinger, who had emigrated to Granada as well to commit himself to guitar making. Later on, John restored a lot of great master guitars as Miguel Rodriguez, Vicente Arias, Manuel Ramirez, Salvador Ibañez, etc. Today his guitars are well known among professional guitar players.
This beautiful guitar is a copy of the famous 1892 Antonio de Torres SE 153. John saw the SE 153 for the first time during one of Carles Trepat concert in Spain. After the concert, John had the chance to hear and see the guitar outside the concert hall. Since that day his desire to construct a copy of the SE 153 grew steadily. The following year John met Carles to take the measurements and photos of the Torres guitar and then began to construct his first SE 153 copy. John’s aim was to build not only a guitar that comes aesthetically very close to the orignal but also that respects the playability and sound quality. The top of this guitar is made of spruce and back and sides are made of maple. The sound is pleasantly warm and mellow with exceptionally round and carrying low mids. All French-polished. The tuners are made by Fustero. A hard-shell case is included.

Luthier: John Ray
Construction year: 2017
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Maple
Scale: 650 mm
Nut: 50 mm

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