Hermann Hauser I – 1914

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Hermann Hauser I is regarded as one of the greatest guitar-maker of the classical guitar history. Acknowledged by A. Segovia, J. Bream and many more pioneers of the guitar, he established himself as one of the most successful, talented and sought-after luthiers of all time.
Hermann Hauser I ‘s way to build guitars greatly evolved throughout the 1920s. Strongly influenced by Miguel Llobet’s Antonio de Torres and Andrés Segovia’s Manuel Ramirez/Santos Hernandez, he progressively let the traditional Bavarian Tierce-guitars, Viennese models, etc. aside in order to focus on the construction of Spanish guitars. Not only did he succeed to adapt his craft to this new concept, but he overtook his predecessor. Improving his instrument’s sound qualities and giving them a unique pure personality, he eventually built the guitar that would be played and recorded for more than 20 years by Andrés Segovia, who called the instrument “the greatest guitar of our epoch”.

This guitar is a particularly interesting instrument by Hermann Hauser I, which has some special features for its year of origin 1914. For example, back and sides are made of Brazilian Rosewood, which was difficult to obtain at that time and was also a significant cost factor. This makes it the oldest known Hauser I guitar made with Brazilian Rosewood. Also striking is the body shape, which is clearly based on the Spanish shape and very close to the dimensions of the Antonio de Torres FE 09 played by Miguel Llobet. The flat neck shape is also unusual. This is based on a preference of the contemporary guitar virtuoso Heinrich Albert and is therefore also called ” Albert-Neck “.
The spruce top is already fitted with the Hauser Patent-Bracing inside, which was only patented in 1920, and on the top there is the original concert-bridge, which is unique in its form until then. This shows that Hermann Hauser I was involved in the construction of the Spanish guitar 10 years earlier than previously assumed. The frame depth of this guitar corresponds more to the Viennese and Munich models of Hermann Hauser I known until then.
This guitar is thus the connection between the guitar type built up to then and known from Hermann Hauser I and his later Spanish models. This makes this guitar an extraordinary piece of contemporary history.
The instrument was skilfully restored by Hermann Hauser III in 1989. It has some very excellently repaired cracks on the top and is therefore in a very well restored and playable condition. The sound of this guitar is reminiscent of a bygone era. The mids sound nice and compact and the trebles very clear and brilliant. The guitar is offered with a special case made for this instrument, which is also exceptional.

Luthier: Hermann Hauser I
Construction year: 1914
Top: Spruce
Back and sides: Brazilian rosewood (Pre CITES)
Scale: 640 mm
Nut: 45 mm
Weight: 1230 grams
Air resonance frequency: A#

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