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Visesnut Cases – Copper Bronze 3 Lock


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The technology

Adjustable Supporting Means
Each Visesnut case features an adjustable supporting means, an innovation developed and patented worldwide by Visesnut. The supporting means includes a built-in support belt, protective padding and neck support cushion.

Adjustable Support Belt
The built-in support belt is adjustable to embrace and hold securely many different gutiar body shapes and sizes, allowing one Visesnut case to give the excellent effect of custom-fitting to more than one guitar.
Protective Padding
The interior padding is lined with a well-selected soft and smooth material. The padding has the ability to memorize shape. Together with the support belt and the neck support cushion, it helps to ensure firm support resulting in the least possible movement of the guitar inside the case.

Once the support belt is adjusted to fit a guitar, the size and shape details of the guitar are memorized by the padding material at that time, and the supporting means is always ready to be adjusted for another particular guitar for the next use. The material, however, recovers its shape, if the support belt is readjusted to carry different guitars.

Double-Walled Structure
The case body has a double-walled structure for enhanced protection. It is designed to withstand certain stress loads and absorb impact from drops and shocks. The double-walled structure also acts as an insulation that minimizes the effect of sudden temperature changes on the guitar by decelerating the transfer of temperature into the case.

Leather Handle

Every Visesnut case comes with a sturdy handle, handcrafted with genuine leather for flexibility and durability.

High-Quality Accessories

We selected high-quality stainless steel and metal accessories to complement all Visesnut cases. Part of our value is never to compromise for anything less than fine workmanship.

Well-Balanced Standing Positions
Although designed for horizontal access, all Visesnut cases are well balanced to stand firmly in both horizontal or vertical positions. .

Price Includes:
Carbon fiber case with gloss finish, Genuine leather hand-made handle, comfortable shoulder straps, High quality interior velvet padding, Interior Storage/string box.

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