Erfahrungen & Bewertungen zu Siccas Guitars

Fernando Mazza is an unusual luthier. First of all, it must be said that he is a guitarist, he completed his career as a guitarist at the Conservatory Alberto Ginastera, Buenos Aires, although he found his true passion in the construction of the guitar.

His demands as a professional performer together with his experience, training and mastery of construction techniques, has brought the best of two perspectives, the demands of the performer and what the craftsman can do to meet those demands.

Fernando is a restless craftsman who is not satisfied with building a good guitar, his obsession is to build the best guitar. He has spent a lot of time studying and analysing building styles, traditional methods and new techniques to arrive at a model that combines the best of both: the traditional system and the most advanced and sophisticated construction techniques.

Fernando builds his guitars using the Australian system (Smallman type – Lattice Bracing), but much improved. He has managed to combine the best of two worlds: the power, stability and harmonic richness of the Australian system and the essence of the sound of the Spanish guitar.

In addition, he added two features of great value. A neck with an adjustable bi-directional bar which, together with its thin construction, allows a very low string action and results in one of the easiest guitars to play in the world. In addition, Mazza has also introduced the Port sound (elliptical hollow in the top), which offers extra power and projection to the listener and especially to the guitarist.

Fernando Mazza has created a great, unique and impressive guitar for its tone, power, projection and comfort. An excellent investment for its quality, tone, power, playing pleasure and future projection. One of the most interesting guitar makers on the international scene.



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