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Hermann Hauser ® I – 1913 ex Miguel Llobet


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Hermann Hauser ® I as a German luthier, holds a leading position among luthiers worldwide. He took over the instrument workshop of his father while Josef Hauser ® was still managing the music publishing house. Hermann Hauser ® I specialised in making lutes and guitars but also remained true to the construction of zithers. In the context of the Guitaristic Movement in Bavaria, Hermann Hauser ® I built a large number of different guitars; in particular the Vienna models and the Munich models in all kinds of forms, but all in absolute perfection. The Terz, Prim and the very rare Quintbass guitars of Hermann Hauser ® I are of highest quality. Even today, the sound of those instruments is still unsurpassed. Based on his special virtuosity, Hermann Hauser ® I developed technical, patented innovations in the area of construction of the guitar’s tops and body-neck connections. The Spanish virtuosi Miguel Llobet and Andres Segovia became attentive to Hermann Hauser ® I’s art of making guitars at the beginning of the 20th century.

This instrument by Hermann Hauser ® I is one of two worldwide existing guitar models that were built and played by Miguel Llobet after Miguel Llobet visited Hermann Hauser ® I in 1913. Miguel Llobet is one of the most important representatives of Tarrega’s school.
The top is constructed in two pieces and framed by a dark wooden purfling. The soundhole decoration consists of a bold and dark edging which is surrounded by light and dark chippings. The innermost part of the decoration around the soundhole is a dark wooden purfling. The back is made of one piece and is made like the sides of flamed maple. A German neck spine connects the head with the neck and a coating of clear varnish accentuates the grain of the neck’s maple wood.

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